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Every Light, Every Beam, Every Situation 

The Hammerheads Industrial Strength Work Light Range was born from a culmination of the experience and intellectual property gathered through notable history of OEX work lights servicing the extreme environment of the Australian mining and industrial sectors.

Hammerheads offer an extensive range of beam patterns including Spot, Flood, Wide Flood and Elliptical. The entire Hammerheads range utilise a clever disc system which quickly identifies the beam pattern of the light. For example the yellow discs indicate the light has a Flood beam pattern.   Hammerheads offer a range of 2 LED, 2 LED, 6 LED, 9 LED, 16 LED and 32 LED lights, all offering precision aiming through the revolutionary Protract 360 Aiming System. 

A bright, tough small addition to vehicle and industrial operations, lighting the niche areas where pin-point accuracy is required.

Double the brightness of the smaller 2 LED counterpart but with similar fitting size, the 4 LED work light will give vision in small to medium sized areas.

Middle of the range and useful in a variety of scenarios, the 6 LED will flood areas up to 140m and further with the Spot Beam option and represents value for brightness compared to its weight.

Nuggety, middle of the range, the 9 LED work like will illuminate 60m around nearby areas and hit 300+m in Spot Beam mode.

The lower of two long-range work lights. 16 LEDs cast light over 350m away and upt to 75m around close-range areas.

Big, bold, bright. Effectively 2 16LED units in one, this is the largest product in the Hammerheads range. It easily hits 500m long-range output and gives exceptional peripheral vision to near-range areas in Flood Beam options.

Product Features

Every Light, Every Beam, Every Situation

Using a clever coloured disc system, each beam pattern is linked to a different disc colour. This ensures beam patterns are easily distinguished for identification and eventual end of life replacement.

All lights are available in a number of beam patterns including Spot, Flood, Wide Flood and Elliptical.

Custom beam configurations are also available upon request.

Easy Coloured Disc Identifier – Beam Patterns

The entire Hammerheads range utilise a clever coloured disc system which quickly identifies the beam pattern of the light. For example the yellow discs indicate the light has a Flood beam pattern, whilst the red discs indicate the light uses a Spot beam pattern.

This attribute is highly useful when the time comes to replace the light, as the visual cue of the colour allows the correct beam pattern to be identified without having to remove the light first to identify its beam pattern.

Fully Suspended Shock Dampening System

The revolutionary Protrac 360 suspended and isolated mounting system provides a dampening effect similar to a shock absorber, allowing the Hammerheads to withstand vibration up to 60G.

Hammerheads can be adjusted before fitment using the plate and rotation angles on the revolutionary Protrac® bracket.

The unique Protrac® bracket features:

Base plate adjustment – Simply select your required angle and lock it down.

Laser etching – to provide long lasting angle degree markings.

A fit out library is also available to suit common mining equipment with known locations and angles for the optimum beam pattern.

In an extraordinary situation where the light is subjected to massive heat overload, a self protection protocol is engaged to reduce the light output, until such time as the heat overload retreats to normal parameters.

Low “in rush current” on start up reduces wear on associated components which is particularly important on machines where multiple lights are used. It avoids light misfires and eases load on existing wiring.

Soft Start technology removes the risk of sensitive electronic damage through high inrush current, by gently winding on the current in a controlled manner.            This feature helps reduce costly downtime.

Hammerheads will operate even when the polarity to the light is reversed.

Clever development of electronics now enables the connection of a Deutsch plug in either configuration, thereby delivering an advantage when retro-fitting Hammerheads to equipment that has previously been fitted with different work lights.

This reduces the installation times for the technicians on site, therefore further reducing costs. It also prevents accidental damage caused by incorrect installation and solves field problems where the fitting technician has made an error in pin configuration assembly.

Highest quality components and technology to survive tough industrial landscapes

Any product is only as good as its components and Hammerheads Deutsch Gold Pin DT Connectors are designed specifically for harsh environmental conditions, where even a small degradation in connection may be critical to the performance of the work lights.

Gold Pin Deutsch Connectors have proven to deliver increased service life through their ability to resist the harsh environmental conditions experienced on mine sites. The gold pins will help provide the reliability and performance that the Hammerheads brand requires.

Dielectric grease is also provided with each hammerhead to ensure brilliant electrical connection is attained, as well as lock out moisture.

Latest LED technology provides superior illumination, reduces eye strain and maintains peripheral vision.

The latest Cree XM-L2 10 watt LEDs provide a mass volume of light where you need it most. The colour temperature of LED is closer to that of sunlight which reduces eye strain and enables excellent peripheral vision.

Purpose built to survive the harshest, toughest conditions on earth.

CISPR 25 – Class 3 Rating

The CISPR 25 – Class 3 rating ensures that Hammerheads do not introduce any RF noise into electronics / radios, enabling unrestricted critical communication.

IP69K Rated

The IP69K rating ensures that the work lights are dust tight with no ingress of dust and protected against high pressure, high temperature wash downs. The IP69K rating is the highest protection available. Ideal for water cannon wash downs.

Hammerheads light output is warranted for 50,000 hours or 6 years

Using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), the LEDs are being turned on and off at a frequency quicker than human eye can detect.

This technology allows the LEDs to be driven hard whilst still achieving long life span.

* Warranty excludes physical or environmental damage.

Purpose built to survive the harshest, toughest conditions on earth.

Interpon 810 Coating

The Hammerheads Industrial Strength Work Light Range boasts an Interpon 810 coating which imparts a low-friction, wear resistant surface to the lights, enabling them to remain unaffected by chemical environments. Very few solid substances will permanently adhere to an Interpon 810 finish and, in many cases, surfaces are self-cleaning.

The coating is designed to deliver 3 benefits:

1. Easy to clean off through the non stick, slippery properties
2. Protects the work light against tough environmental reactions caused by acids and salinity
3. Dissipates heat quicker, which ultimately provides greater life to LEDs

Hammerheads Industrial Strength Work Light Range